Kittens for booking
Kittens for booking

Kittens for reservation and sale

ikona sphynx

What you need to know before you make a decision

Step 1: Booking

The buyer undertakes to pay the seller a reservation fee for the animal’s reservation immediately after the electronic reservation of the selected animal has been made, non-cash to the seller’s bank account / in person in cash at the establishment. This reservation fee is non-refundable, unless the facts stated in the Reservation Agreement occur. This part of the money is deducted from the total price at the time of signing the contract of sale.

Step 2: Purchase agreemen

No later than 3 months from the performed electronic reservation (conclusion of the Reservation Agreement), a contract on the future purchase contract or purchase agreement will be concluded.

At the time of the conclusion of the contract of sale, the animal will be fully vaccinated, microchipped and socialized. The kitten will undergo veterinary control, the results of which will be included in his veterinary passport. After the conclusion of the contract of sale, the buyer will be provided with full documentation for the animal (with a certificate of origin (Pedigree)).

Important information:

The price of a kitten depends on the purpose of acquiring the animal.
1. The animal as a pet = the obligation to castrate the animal in the 6th month.
2. Breeding animal = up to twice the price

The kitten can also be purchased in installments under the following conditions:

The payment will be divided into 2 parts. It is possible to buy only the kittens that we offer ourselves. A list of kittens will be created for this purpose. It will be possible to pick up the kitten after the first payment and after signing all legal documents.
But in this case, the price of a kitten will be slightly higher.

Kittens for reservation and sale

Here you can find kittens for reservation and sale according to the current offer. Or you can always contact us. Follow our website, where you can always find out more about each kitten in time.

More cats and kittens for reservation and sale


Every 2 years, people who dream of a Sphynx but do not have enough money to buy this animal, get the chance to fulfill their dream for a symbolic price. Young cats that did not become good mothers for their kittens or had a difficult birth are sent for castration and then to loving families. This does not prevent them from becoming real favorites, gentle, cuddly and loving, such cats are not intended for breeding, but they are definitely born to give love and loyalty to people, live in a family and radiate harmony, bring happiness. They are kind, beautiful, healthy, with pedigree and very sociable, and above all, you can already see the character and the resulting appearance. Buying such an animal means to be sure of getting a quality friend in which you will not be disappointed.
Older kittens who stayed in our kennel until the age of castration and underwent this procedure according to all the rules of our organization can occasionally appear in this catalog.
Here you will see animals that have already been neutered and animals that will be neutered in the near future. You can book and buy each of them directly on our website, or contact us to find out all the details.
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