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The originality of the cats of the breed Ukrainian Levkoy is the fact that the kittens of this breed can be born in almost any color and the most unusual color combinations. The ears can be straight or curved (fold), they can have a little fur or be completely bald. Compared to the Don Sphynx, the body is much shorter. The tail is shorter and thicker, like a carrot. The whole body of the Levkoy looks very cute and even a little funny.

This rare hairless cat breed Ukrainian Levkoy is bred in the whole Europe by only a few catteries, among which we belong.

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The Ukrainian Levkoy is an intelligent and very loyal animal. Levkoy love their owner very quietly and patiently. They are ready to follow him for hours and be close by, enjoying his company and charging their owner with the peace and harmony inherent in these cats. They will never crawl on your feet as cats often do. They won’t whine at the door, demanding food and attention. They will never mark your slippers when they are angry with you.

Their patience is to be envied.

A Levkoy can wait for what he wants for a very, very long time without getting on the household’s nerves, only from time to time he reminds himself with a gentle touch of his paw.
They are very prompt and can sense immediately if the owner is in a sad mood: they will come over, carefully begin to lick themselves and murmur something quietly under their whiskers, as if they were carrying on a conversation. And can you really talk to them? Our answer is; Yes, yes! Levkoy’s piercing eyes seem to look into the soul, and immediately everything goes easier.

“I have been involved with this breed for many years in various activities and I can say with confidence that the Levkoy is the most unusual cat breed I have ever encountered. And I have known many breeds of cats, and none of them has inspired in me such enthusiasm and desire to devote a large part of my life to it as the Levkoy.
It is a unique divine creature sent to Earth to make man happy and confident, because the Levkoy truly enriches man. He has a special energy that smoothes out all hardships, problems, stresses. Levkoy has healing properties. And Levkoy’s help in healing the human psyche is simply priceless.”

This breed is very trainable, I know it sounds unusual but it’s a fact. They can be trained better than many dogs and understand situations much better than many people.
They like to be involved in all household chores, so don’t be surprised if the cat is around when you are preparing dinner, ironing laundry or fixing something. Thanks to their gentleness and intelligence, they will not intrude and crawl under your feet and hands, but will observe your activities from a safe distance. He is very good at sensing exactly when he needs to come.

There is no aggression or anger in this breed. Cats are naturally clean and tidy. Levkoy does not leave scattered litter or food on the floor, they do not damage furniture.


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The Ukrainian Levkoy breed came into the world in the 21st century thanks to the work of the felinologist Elena Biryuk. Very extravagant breeds were chosen for crossbreedingDon Sphynx and Scottish Fold. The first amazing kitten appeared at the beginning of 2004 and was named Levkoy Primero. It was practically hairless, had big almond-shaped eyes and curiously curled ears. A year later it was registered and the breed was recognized by the Ukrainian breeding organization CFA RUI and later by the Russian CFA WCA.

In 2006 Elena Biryuková’s cattery “Lada Catsy” had several dozen cats and a year later the first WCF (World Cat Federation) competition of this breed took place.

Bashira Naked Angel kočka plemene Ukrajinský levkoy
Dulsinea Tobos kočka plemene Ukrajinský levkoy


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The Ukrainian Levkoy is a versatile and unique breed of hairless cat that suits absolutely everyone without exception. It is the best babysitter for your children, never scratching, biting or otherwise hurting, but will do anything to protect your child. Cats of this breed are much braver than dogs. They are wise and poised, the thought process is clearly reflected in their eyes, and frankly, I admit, sometimes it’s almost frightening. Getting a Levkoy for the family is always happiness accompanied by mutual harmony. With Levkoy surrounding everyone with his magical energy, the family becomes truly complete and full of understanding.
Levkoy gives every man the feelings he misses. You could say he has the magical power to grant your wishes, but don’t expect a million to fall into your lap when you have him. This power only applies to your soul. Having such an animal around will keep your soul calm, healthy and happy. Try talking to them and you will fall in love with them for life.

This breed is suitable for families with children of any age, lonely people, sick and disabled people, allergy sufferers, old people, people with other pets. Levkoy gets along well with all animals, he is kind and understanding to all. Therefore, in your home this wonderful newcomer will be adored not only by all people, but also by all animals. Levkoy will charm the heart of every living creature.
One cannot also neglect the category of successful and rich people for whom this animal is a prestigious breed also due to its rarity. There are very few of them in the world, owning such a unique specimen is a very big achievement.


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As for the price of Ukrainian Levkoy cats, it is unobstructed and quite accessible to everyone, but remember that this animal cannot be completely cheap and if someone offers you a temptingly low price for this species, then beware, because you can be cheated, … This breed is bred by only a few catteries throughout Europe, which of course includes us, and we have also heard of a few small catteries whose owners we do not know personally and are therefore unable to judge them or give our opinion. But what we are very proud of is the fact that we have a very wide and representative selection of cats of this breed, which is very rare!

Because this breed is very new and there are very few individuals of this breed in the world, many cat organizations still refuse to officially recognize this breed, yet this breed has its own pedigree, its own history and kittens of this breed are not sold without PC (pedigree card).

If you want to buy a purebred kitten of this breed, you should only contact a reputable solid breeding cattery that has extensive experience in breeding this wonderful breed. Otherwise, it is impossible.

If you are very keen to get such a friend, but have some concerns and a lot of questions, you can contact us at any time and we will invite you for a consultation in our cattery, where you can get all your questions answered and your concerns calmed down absolutely free of charge. As well, you can see all of our cats and get to know them to better understand the breed.

Bashira Naked Angel kočka plemene Ukrajinský levkoy


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